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The essential

Name of the site: Fort de Feyzin

City/Department: Feyzin, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

Owner of the site: City of Feyzin

Site: Military fort built in the 19th century

Beginning and end of construction: from 2017 to 2021

Prepared title: Mason of the Old Building

Key figures

18 people trained

6 people found a job

1 person integrated a training leading to his professional project


The first ACTA VISTA site in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, the Fort of Feyzin, a former military structure built in the 19th century and owned by the City of Feyzin, has been the site of an ACTA VISTA integration and vocational training program since 2017. It was born from a desire to restore and rehabilitate different areas of this historic site, including a strong social and territorial approach. It is in the part “Cavalier du Fort”, of 350m2 that the restoration is carried out, with the aim of offering once finished, to the local structures a prestigious place of meetings and seminars, allowing to develop the local economy.

Sites and works

The following restoration works of the Fort de Feyzin have been carried out:

Cycle 1 · Restauration de salles et d’un escalier :

  •  restoration of the facades ;
  • plastering of the vaults and the stairwell ;
  • resumption of the balustrades and the steps of the staircase;
  • installation of joineries ;
  • installation of electrical networks.

Cycle 2 · Restauration de la Salle Patrimoine :

  • restoration of the lime – hemp composition coatings 
  • restoration of two corridors;
  • restoration of a stairwell ;
  • patching and finishing of the floors.

Cycle 3 : Restauration et finitions

  • Finishing work of the Heritage Room;
  • Restoration of a new room and its adjoining corridor