A major player in inclusion through heritage


Our actions are made possible thanks to the links we have established with our partners

ACTA VISTA is a real tool made available to territories to combine the inclusion of their inhabitants and the development of their heritage and cultural assets. The implementation of its actions is possible thanks to the links forged with government departments, local authorities, public employment services, heritage site managers, local businesses and our sponsorship partners.

The State services

Support the implementation of the Workshops for Integration and their deployment on the historical heritage of our territories.

Local authorities and managers of heritage sites

Entrust us with their heritage sites whose restoration becomes a training and integration support for the inhabitants of their territory. Contribute financially to the integration project and to its influence.

The public employment services

Direct job seekers to our structure. Complementary solutions to specific problems: mobility, housing, addiction.

Sponsoring partners

Support the structure’s projects through financial, in-kind or skill-based sponsorship.

Partner of La Citadelle de Marseille in the funding of the integration projects of ACTA VISTA

Local companies

Host our employees for internships, immersions, discovering a professional environment. Recruit our employees at the end of the course.

The world of research

ACTA VISTA works in partnership with the research community to study its social model and better evaluate its impact.

The networks