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The essential

Name of the building site: Church of Saint Erasmus

City/Department: Ajaccio, Corsica 

Owner: City of Ajaccio 

Architect / Project manager: Sébastien Celeri, CA’Architects and Pierre Vaucher, heritage architect

Site: Église Saint Érasme, classified as a historical monument

Number of work placements per year: 12 

Beginning and end of project: 2013-2014

Title: Mason of the Old Building

Expertise/assistance to heritage: A companion-trainer


Église Saint Érasme in Ajaccio : classified as a Historic Monument, located on rue Forcioli Conti.

Sites and works

Restoration of the roof of the church:

  • Restoration of the old masonries, support of the roof;
  • Restoration of the facades and the bell tower;
  • Restoration of the frame and the roof.