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Need more information?

The essential

Name of the site: Park of the old powder

City/Department: St-Chamas & Miramas, Bouches du Rhône 

Owner: Conservatoire du littoral 

Architect / Project manager: Jean Geitner, heritage architect

Site: Former 17th century royal gunpowder factory, now a protected natural park

Site manager: Syndicat intercommunal de l’ancienne Poudrerie

Number of simultaneous integration positions: 5 to 6 (or 13 per year) 

Start and end of project: 2021 to 2022

Training provided: Metalworking trade


This 17th century industrial site, located on the edge of the Etang de Berre between the towns of Saint-Chamas and Miramas, was historically dedicated to the manufacture of black powder, then explosives. Today, now a protected natural park owned by the Conservatoire du Littoral since 2001, work to restore a bucket wheel, as part of the restoration of the mills, has been carried out by the ACTA VISTA teams, in partnership with Roland Pinon, an ironworker.

Key figures

13 people trained as metal workers during the project

80% found a job or training in line with their professional project

Work sites and works

This ACTA VISTA project is specific by its nature: our team has restored, in partnership with the ironworker Roland Pinon of the workshop of Argens, a trough wheel (water wheel, made up of compartments in the shape of troughs).

The different stages of the project :

  • Realization of studies and plans of execution of the wheel;
  • Manufacture of the steel elements of the wheel (in the workshop of the Fort Saint-Nicolas & the workshop of the Iron of Argens);
  • Blank assembly of the wheel at Fort Saint-Nicolas;
  • Creation of a sheet metal lined reach (water supply to the wheel);
  • Assembly of the wheel on site and putting it into operation.